Privacy Policy

Bound N Found understands how critical it is to protect your privacy. We are grateful for your trust and protect your privacy. This Privacy Policy is applicable to both our online customers and past and present website visitors. You accept this Privacy Policy by accessing and/or using our website. The information practices that apply to the personally identifiable information we gather about you as an individual when you visit and/or use our website are described in this Privacy Policy. When you visit or use our website, any information we gather about you will be managed in compliance with this Bound N Found Privacy Policy and will not be shared with other parties unless authorised by us.

Information We Collect

The types of data that Bound N Found gathers are covered in this section of our privacy policy. Every piece of information we get is analysed and kept in our database. Although you are free to withhold information, doing so might make it impossible for you to access some of our website's features.

Data Gathered Automatically

Every time you visit our website, we automatically gather certain data regarding your interactions with us and how you use it. Additionally, we automatically log information about your use of our website, including the kind of browser you are using and clickstream data. We connect the automatically gathered data to the personally identifiable information we gather about you, as detailed below, if you are a registered customer of Bound N Found.We utilise this data internally to better understand and assist you by conducting research on your interests.

Details You transmit To Us

We obtain the details you transmit to us when you voluntarily give us Personal Information, for example, by emailing us or using our website to Provide your personal information in a form and submit it. Your name, email address, phone number, and password are collected by us, for instance, when you register or sign up for an account with us. We gather the Personal Information you give us, including your shipping, billing, and payment details, when you place an order with us. Occasionally.You might be able to take part in online polls or contests with Bound N Found. We will ask you for specific Personal Information if you choose to join. Since participation in these surveys and contests is entirely voluntary, you are free to choose whether or not to provide the information that is sought.

Details Regarding Your Transactions with Us

We also keep track of your past purchases, payments, and order information.

Use and Disclosure of Information

We use the data we gather about you to run our business, maintain, update, and improve our website, deliver requested goods and services, manage your account, notify you about goods and services that may be of interest to you, and customise your online experience. We occasionally employ outside businesses to complete tasks on our behalf in order to carry out specific company operations, such order fulfilment, email delivery, or marketing. To enable these businesses to carry out these services, we may provide them with personally identifiable information that we collect about you. However, in order for these businesses to fulfil their contractual obligations to Bound N Found, they must protect the data and are not permitted to use it for any other reason. For instance, depending on the payment option you select, Bound N FOund may normally give your personal information to a third-party payment processor, like Paytm, in order to complete your transaction.


The Company manages a small collection of ads on our portals and website with the help of certain third parties. No private information is disclosed in the course of this procedure. To ensure that the advertising is relevant to the user, aggregate profile data, such as user community, may be employed in the selection process. There may be an embedded pixel on some banner adverts; this pixel may return session connection information that helps advertisers better understand the number of unique users who have clicked on the advertisement banner, even though it is not associated with a cookie or any other personal profile information.

Problems Signing In

We've made our sign-in procedure as private as possible. Please make sure you are using your registered email address and/or the right password if you are having problems logging in to our website. If you are still having problems logging in to our site even after using your registered email address and the right password, please send an email to or give us a call at +91 9946 6979 99

Order Confirmation

The email address you gave us while creating an account with Bound N Found is where we send an email message verifying our acceptance of each order you submit. In the event that you receive a confirmation for an order that you did not place, please contact by email right once.